"Dear Phil, 
I have long been told that there is something biomechanically wrong with my body that causes my pain, so I have seen it as something that cannot be changed, quite a hopeless perspective! After speaking to you about your approach, I found the notion of pain as a construct of the brain most helpful and liberating, as it allowed the possibility that things can change. That pain is not necessarily about damage, and can be a helpful warning that something needs to change. 
Reconceptualising pain as protective allowed me to think differently about the pain. Instead of fighting it, I tried to work out what the issue might be at any given point. I was able to ask myself, ‘what is this ‘helpful warning’ my pain is trying to give me’? Do I need to change posture or take a break for example? Doing these things often made the pain better, if not resolving the episode altogether. This also led me to take a wider view and consider what this pain means about my life and what steps I need to take to move away from persistent pain. 
Seeing pain through a biopsychosocial lens resonates with the way I work professionally too, so it really makes sense to me and has given me hope and the possibility of things getting better.” 
TP - Lancashire UK 
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