I’ll be bringing all of my twenty years of clinical experience of working with painful conditions to the table, and together we’re going to attempt to reduce your level of existing body pain, solely by way of interactive one-to-one sessions via Skype, or an alternative video platform. 
I’ll help you to understand the mechanisms behind the onset of pain, and the factors that might maintain it, and I'll encourage you to make changes, break habits, and engage in activities that will hopefully consign your days of being in pain to history. 
If, after our initial discussion, I feel that PainCoach sessions will not be suitable for you, I’ll always make general recommendations as to what you might do next in order to address your body pain problems. 
It is my mission, as your PainCoach, to guide and educate you so that you might develop a more positive relationship with your body. We will do this primarily by developing an enhanced level of body awareness.  
I want to instil in you a confidence in the robustness and intelligence of your body. I want to show how seemingly innocuous miniscule thoughts and habits - when repeated over hours, days, weeks and months - all add up to bring you to where you are now. I want to help you find ways to pause and reverse that process.  
Lastly I want to give you all the tools you will need to interpret what your body is asking for and how to give it what it needs, so that pain is more easily managed or avoided altogether. Together we will figure out guidelines and practices which you can use to keep yourself in a more pain-less state day to day.  
In time, you will become your own PainCoach. 
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