The journey that we’ll take together to try and get you get back to the life that you want to live will be completely unique. We’ll explore what brought you to this point, and what’s currently contributing to your pain experience. We’ll then develop strategies designed to return you back to an active life, enthused, and confident about the future. 
And remember, what we’re looking to achieve initially is some improvement in your current situation; a foundation that you will then be able to build upon. Outcomes cannot be guaranteed of course, but whatever positive results are achieved will be as the result of a team effort, and a willingness on your part to engage in some ‘homework’ to both encourage and maintain those results. 
In my clinical practice over the last twenty five years, I’ve witnessed people go through stunning transformations in their lives simply  
as a result of becoming curious about what makes them tick, and then actively engaging in the process of positive change.  
I hope that this will be the case for you. 
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