As stated earlier, pain problems are in the main not actually related to any kind of mechanical fault in the body… faults that in the past, manual therapists have claimed to need to ‘fix’ in order to relieve you of your pain. And in the absence of catastrophic injury, neither is pain related to actual tissue damage. 
Pain is more indicative of a degree of protection originating in the neural and muscular systems of the body, as a result of your brain’s perception of some degree of threat. 
Contemporary scientific ideas about pain suggest that there are many factors capable of contributing to both the emergence and continuing presence of body pain. 
These range from variable physiological conditions in the body, such as the level of resting muscular tension (relaxation), hyperarousal of the nervous system (stress), unsatisfactory sleep, compensatory weight-bearing subsequent to injuries and other movement habits, as well as ‘social’ and psychological factors. 
In our PainCoach Sessions, we’ll take a look at all of these factors through the lens of current pain science, as well as taking a detailed case-history, in order to see how this broader biopsychosocial (BPS) approach to pain might be applied in order to reveal the most significant contributory factors to your current pain problem... all geared to helping reduce, and potentially resolve, your painful symptoms. 
I’ll also be prescribing relevant breathing, body awareness and movement exercises to be carried out between sessions, and sending you short video tutorials where appropriate. 
And I’ll make suggestions for follow-up activities that you might engage in, and reommend local resources that you might avail yourself of, in order to support the improvements that you experience. 
All of this designed to encourage you to develop confidence in the robustness of your body and to quickly get you ‘running under your own steam’ and once more living the life that you enjoy. 
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