Body pain should by rights be considered a normal part of life. I say this with because it is so common! However, it’s natural to want to ease, or to completely resolve our pain, not only because it’s unpleasant, but because it limits us in both our choices and our activities. 
Pain is quite a complex thing. Our current scientific understanding of pain bears this out, suggesting that there are a multitude of factors that can influence both the onset, the duration, and the intensity of pain. 
Pain is also very personal. Pain is an experience, rather than a measurable ‘thing’. My pain is very probably not like your pain, and your experience of pain will be completely unique to you. 
For this reason, PainCoach is a service fully geared to your individual needs, consisiting of one-to-one video consultations with me, in order to help you reduce or resolve your painful symptoms. 
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