I have had a life-long interest in human wellbeing, and have worked for the last twenty six years with people who are experiencing pain.  
I began studying movement and mind, via martial arts and meditation, when I was eighteen years old. 
I left a career in industry in 1989 and graduated from the McTimoney Chiropractic School in Oxford UK in 1992. I went on to study Zero Balancing bodywork in both England and the US, and teach ZB to therapists and movement trainers. 
Iā€™m no longer a member of the chiropractic profession, as it became clear to me that the narrative that has traditionally supported chiropractic treatment which I received during my training, has no solid scientific evidence supporting it. I also felt that the way in which chiropractic was marketed fostered dependency and a sense of fragility in patients, rather than encouraging autonomy and resilience. 
The last five years has seen a massive transformation in the way that I practice, now increasingly employing education, rather than manual intervention, as my primary tool for helping those who are in pain. 
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