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Our understanding of body pain is evolving. Pain is now understood to be a highly complex experience, unique to each person, with many factors responsible for both its onset and its persistence. In the light of this, I predict that modern pain care will move away from a primary emphasis on hands-on therapy, and move toward solutions more akin to coaching, with a focus on education, and active participation in both recovery and the ongoing maintenance of the body. 
why ? 
Up to very recently, it was a common misconception amongst therapy professionals and members of the public alike, that body pain was related to the presence of mechanical faults in the body. These ‘faults’ would need to be identified and then 'fixed' by a manual therapist in order to relieve body pain. There is actually no evidence that such faults exist. Also, in the absence of catastrophic injury, body pain is not an indicator of actual tissue damage. 
In the Pages in the Navigation Bar you can learn more about our up-to-date understanding of body pain, and find out about my modern approach to active pain care.  
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